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Commitment to Inclusivity

As the owner of Integrative Physical Therapy, I recognize that systems of oppression* contribute to the conditions for which individuals seek physical therapy treatment. There is a large body of research showing that the increased stress BIPOC and transgender individuals experience in their daily lives has a significant impact on their health and wellness. This information can be extrapolated to other marginalized populations, such as others in the LGBTQ+ community, people with disability, etc. At the same time, for these same populations, there can be barriers to accessing quality care. If care is accessed, oppressive dynamics can be present within the client/provider relationship, leading to harm.  I know this intellectually and have heard personal stories from friends and clients about negative experiences within health care. My deepening understanding of this reality has led me to actively work to dismantle systems of oppression within my physical therapy practice.

I recognize the presence of oppressive structures both in the external world and inside ourselves.  As a cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied white person, I am aware of my privilege and am committed to working with my conditioned biases. I recognize that even my ability to complete the course of study to become a physical therapist and to open a private physical therapy practice are a direct result of the privilege I have and continue to experience in society.  I hope to leverage this privilege within my physical therapy practice for positive change.

My intention is to provide as inclusive and affirming a healing environment as is possible in any given moment. To that end, I have sought specific training and learning experiences in anti-racism as well as LTBTQ+ physical therapy care. I have spent many hours in contemplation, in discussions, reading books and listening to podcasts.  I recognize this is an ongoing, imperfect, non-linear process of growth. I am committed to this process for my own betterment, in order to fully assist each client with their healing journey and to make a small contribution towards societal transformation.

*racism, anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment, ableism, fat-phobia, patriarchy, capitalism, xenophobia, etc.

Specific training: 

Inclusive Care for Gender and Sexual Minorities- Herman & Wallace pelvic rehab institute- December 2022

Transgender Patients: Pelvic Health and Orthopedic Considerations- Herman & Wallace pelvic rehab institute- October 2022

Bi-weekly anti-racist white affinity group: August 2022-present

Healing the Trauma of Whiteness: An Embodied Yogic Approach to Anti-Racism" July 2020

TCTSY 20 hour trauma sensitive yoga training- December 2019

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