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A world where pain is well cared for and understood



To provide physical therapy that fosters mind and body connection for orthopedic, pelvic health and persistent pain clients utilizing the biopsychosocial model of care

Practice Values:


Connection: centering client relationships while practicing

Compassion: inhabiting and acting from a place of compassion

Intuition: cultivating and honoring intuition as a clinical skill

Effectiveness: utilizing a vast skillset to meet the clients goals so that they feel successful with their physical therapy treatment

Knowledge: pursuit and expression of knowledge as it relates to all things regarding the body, physical impairment and the experience of pain

Business Values:


Justice: to provide high quality physical therapy care for all populations, with a specific focus on ensuring access for marginalized and underserved communities

Quality: a commitment to provide treatment of the highest quality possible at the moment

Sustainability: working at a pace that is sustainable, asking of others something that is sustainable, commitment to environmental sustainability

Learning: a commitment to lifelong learning, centering client education within the physical therapy process

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