Integrative Physical Therapy

A body-mind approach to physical therapy treatment....

because your mind is in a body and your body has a mind

At Integrative Physical Therapy (IPT), a body-mind, whole person approach to physical therapy is taken. State of the art physical therapy techniques, such as advanced manual therapy, body mechanics training, mindfulness and breathing, and therapeutic exercise, are used to address the “body” aspect of your problem. Most physical therapy intervention stops there. However, we recognize that is often only half of the equation. At IPT, these techniques are applied within a psychologically informed approach that centers around active listening and goal setting, as well as learning the science of what happens when we have pain. Personalized, concrete strategies for pain management are given with the goal of returning to your fullest life.

We treat the following conditions:

  • Orthopedic conditions (pain and injury)

    • low back, neck, sacroiliac joint

    • shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand

    • hip, ankle, knee

    • pelvic and spinal instability

  • Pelvic health

    • pelvic floor pain

    • urinary and fecal incontinence

    • pelvic organ prolapse

    • constipation

  • Prenatal care

    • pelvic floor rehabilitation

    • diastasis recti

    • return to daily life or sport

  • Postnatal care

  • Abdominal pain

    • post abdominal or pelvic surgery

  • Persistent pain conditions

    • fibromyalgia

    • complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

    • any pain which lasts longer than normal tissue healing or has not fully recovered with traditional physical therapy techniques

  • Nerve pain and nerve disorders

    • herniated cervical or lumbar disc

    • nerve crush injury

    • other nerve pain



Integrative Physical Therapy

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